Our Student Serve Team consists of students in middle and high school, that want to grow deeper in their relationship with God. They help in all aspects of ministry, and serve in a number of different areas. Our Student Serve Team can assist in ministries such as worship, social media, sound, ministry, and much more.

Our goal is develop students to strive for excellence, and to grow deeper in their relationship with God through relationships, hands-on ministry, and personal development. For anyone looking to be on the Student Serve Team, it is a requirement that they go through a 4-week course called GrowthTrac on Sundays from 9:00 am - 10:30 am. 

Our Next GrowthTrac Course:

                 6/23 Week One: COMMIT

                 6/30 Week Two: CALIBRATE

                 7/7 Week Three: CULTIVATE

                 7/14 Week Four: COMMISSIon